Solution Architect Transmission (Huawei equipment)

Sector: Constructie / Ontwerp
Plaats: Maastricht


SDU Planning is one of the seven Service Delivery Units that together constitute the Local Service Organization NL. Within Planning there are currently 3 teams:

  • Radio and Transmission planning
  • Network Development
  • Consulting and Architects

The technical architects in Network Development take care of the planning and design of network changes within the customer network. They carry the responsibility for the capacity planning and any corrective measures needed to safeguard capacity as required by the customer. Due to increased demands we are looking for two experienced Transmission Network Designers. The Architect has to introduce profound technical knowledge of and demonstrate keen interest in existing and new technologies.

The Technical Architect’s knowledge and experience will (together with his or her colleagues) form and contribute to the LSO-NL knowledge centre.

  • Supporting a team consisting of a technical architect and implementation engineers with profound knowledge of Optical Transmission (DWDM)
  • Problem Solving and ahead looking architect with keen interest in telecom networks exceeding own domain
  • Network Design for the transmission network of our customer
  • Support with any problems that occur that requires DWDM knowledge

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